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Seedcorn Small Grants Fund: Single Groups Grants

Applications Open. Deadline Is 2nd August 2024.

Our small grants fund for single groups is now open for applications!

This fund will provide grants of up to £500 to any Midlothian community group or organisation which would like to start a climate project or build their capacity to deliver climate action locally.

If your project is the result of a partnership of 2 or more organisations, you can apply for our Collaborative Projects Fund of up to £2,000.

Who can apply?

Any local community group or organisation based in, and working in, Midlothian can apply. 

We are looking for applications from grassroots organisations that are community-led. Applications will only be accepted from Midlothian-based organisation with a bank account that is non-profit and not part of governmental agencies or local authorities.

If your group is not constituted and without a bank account, you could ask another group/organisation which is constituted, for example your local Community Council or Community Development Trust, if it could submit an application on your group’s behalf.

What can we apply for?

You can use the Fund grant to start up a new project in your local area that aims to mitigate or adapt to climate change, increase biodiversity and/or work towards a fairer, healthier and more sustainable future. For example, to set up a community fridge, a community garden or a tool library.

The Fund might also be used to help build your group’s capacity to deliver climate action. Capacity building might include the cost of training to fill a skills gap or learning need; developing a website to promote your activities; volunteer expenses (including those for learning visits to other projects); vital tools or equipment, or to undertake community research or surveys.

We are open to suggestions, but you will need to demonstrate in your application how your idea will enable your group to take climate action.

How does it work?

You can apply for up to £500 (including VAT).  

The application deadline is Friday, 2nd of August 2024. Applications received after this date will not be considered. We will contact you soon after the 16th of August to advise if the application has been successful or not.

Funded projects should be completed by 15th March 2025. You will be required to submit a short report by 14th March 2025.

For more detailed guidance and to submit an application, please click the buttons below. You can also find more information in our F.A.Q. below.

You can find a version of the application in word format here, which you are welcome to email us at

To use this version you must first download the document and, under ‘File’, save it to your personal computer.

If you have any questions or require assistance completing the form, please get in touch with us through the email above or by phoning us at 0131 663 947.


  • anything that cannot be purchased and/or accounted for by 14 March 2025
  • work on private or public property without the written consent of the owners
  • salaries or staff wages 
  • statutory activities and activities that replace government funding (for example, we can only fund school activities that happen outside of normal teaching hours) 
  • loans, endowments or interest 
  • paying someone else to write your application 
  • political activities, including lobbying 
  • activities where a profit will be distributed for private gain 
  • VAT you can reclaim
  • alcohol 
  • things you’ve already purchased 
  • items which will only benefit an individual, rather than the wider community 
  • religious activities (but we can fund religious organisations if their project benefits the wider community and does not include religious content).

The fund cannot be used to part-fund larger projects 

You don’t need to be members of the Midlothian Climate Action Network to apply but your group must join as a member before we will authorise a grant paymentMembership is free, enables your group to have a say on the future direction of the hub and network, and ensures that your group is informed of the hub and network’s activities and opportunities.  The application process is simple via the easy online application

The report should set out the outcomes of the projects ,what you spent the grant, and what you learned from the project. It should include a breakdown of the spending and associated receipts (if applicable).

The report should be accompanied by photographs demonstrating the project in action or its outcomes. Please ensure that you have written permission to submit any photographs, as these will  be used to create case studies to share on our website and social media.

  • Our ethos is sustainability, please consider this when designing your projects  
  • Physical goods and products should be locally sourced, locally made, recycled or reusable whenever possible subject always to their safety and the safety of those who use them. This is the responsibility of the applicants. 
  • Please ensure that you have sourced the best prices for these before making your application 
  • The cost of sustainable public transport travel can be included.

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